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Buy or exchange developed or undeveloped land, buildings for renovation or demolition, custom buildings, and construction in progress. Residential, office, retail or special uses. From financial entities, government agencies, real estate companies, multinational corporations or private owners. A top land broker in Spain for real estate developers.

* Custom buildings: Available for sale or on lease

All land types and uses in Madrid and Barcelona

Types and classifications
Consolidated with or without construction permit, and non-consolidated.
Classified according to degree of urban development (i.e. master plan, zoning, subdivisions, infrastructure, etc.).
Buildings with unused air rights or that are very deteriorated. Whole or partial. With or without tenants.
All types of buildings for renovation or expansion (whole, partial, air rights), with or without tenants.
Lots with construction already initiated.
Tailor-made buildings pending construction on sale or lease, e.g. special office, retail or industrial buildings.
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Single or multifamily, non-subsidized or subsidized.
Office, retail, hotel or leisure.
Warehouses, industrial / business park, manufacturing, industrial / agricultural, R&D.
Private sports, education, healthcare, social / cultural or infrastructure uses.
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Madrid's metropolitan area.
Barcelona's metropolitan area.
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Buy or exchange

Deal directly with the owner or bid through our online auctions.
Acquire land for free in exchange for a percentage of the future construction.
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