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land, buildings and real estate investments as a broker


The marketplace for land and real estate investment brokers. Offer here any type of land or real estate investment in Madrid or Barcelona: developed or undeveloped land, buildings for renovation or demolition, leased buildings, construction in progress or real estate investments. Whether residential, office, retail, hospitality, industrial or special use. Deal securely and confidentially, maintaining your exclusive relationship with owners. Despite brokers can't access the platform for confidentiality reasons, we provide you with buyers or investors, enabling you to close more deals and multiply earnings.

We multiply your broker returns by providing you buyers and investors

Close more deals by increasing the visibility of the land and investments that you represent as a broker. receives hundreds of land and investment requests, and contacts all the possible buyers and investors (real estate developers, investment funds, private equity, family offices, international companies, etc. within and beyond our database) according to your confidentiality preferences, manages all information requests and presents you with the best offers for your convenience, increasing your chances of finding the best buyer or investor.

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Offer any type of development land or real estate investment

Property types
Uses is exclusively specialized in development land, buildings for renovations and real estate investments with residential, office, retail, hospitality, industrial or special use, and does not provide information nor sale / lease services regarding finished residential, office, retail, hospitality or industrial properties.


Deal with absolute security and confidentiality is a private platform with limited access to accredited companies, where you control who can see and access the properties that you represent as a broker, according to the type of buyer or investor and his financial capacity. Your properties and investments will remain hidden at all times to the rest of the users and brokers. Likewise, we will only provide your contact data and not the owners data, since all communication with the property's owners will be done exclusively through you ( will never contact directly the property's owners). You will be informed at all times of all the potential buyers contacted, and the enquiries and offers received. 

Due to quality reasons, may request you to provide documentation to proof that the listing is true and correct.

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For each deal we close, 100% of the seller's commission will be yours will not charge you any commission, so that you can obtain 100% of the commission you agreed with the seller*.

* Sale commission subject to limits (see conditions)

Join top brokers and deal securely your

portfolio of land and buildings for renovation

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