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Sell, exchange or auction developed or undeveloped land, buildings for renovation or demolition, custom buildings*, and construction in progress with all kind of uses. contacts hundreds of top national and international buyers and investors, and searches for the best bidder inside and outside our database. Confidentially, hiding all property identification data to our clients, so that only the right potential buyers see it. The largest land platform exclusively for real estate developers, institutional investors and large companies (not accessible to brokers). 

* Custom buildings: Available for sale and on lease.


All land types and uses in Madrid and Barcelona

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We contact the best national and international buyers contacts all prospective national and international buyers (more than 800 prestigious real estate developers, institutional investors and large companies) inside and outside our database, provides them information and advice throughout the land search process, with the ultimate goal of providing you the top offers, thereby increasing your chances of finding the top bidders. With the personalized advice of professional land consultants.  

Sell with maximum confidentiality's platform is only accessible to real estate developers, institutional investors and large companies, and it is not accessible to brokers nor individuals. Not even our clientes can see the properties' identification data (address, owners, photos, etc.) by default. Only those interested companies that comply with the required profiled and financial capacity, and that sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, can access the property's report. You decide the degree of confidentiality. 

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