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We're Spain's leading urban land research team.

About us employs the largest land research team in Spain to feed our urban land marketplace. With private and independent shareholders, it was established by a group of professionals with ample experience managing prestigious real estate development companies and/or their expansion departments. A company with a numerous technical team specialized in land and urban planning. catalogs and analyzes Spain’s entire supply of land and buildings for rehabilitation / demolition, both in-the-market and off-the-market. We provide personalized advice to the expansion directors and managers of most of Spain’s real estate development companies.

Our goal:
Increase the efficiency of Spain’s land market and developers' land search process through technology, innovation and research.
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Spain's leading provider of land

After four years of field work, land research and more than 20,000 phone calls to land owners and developers, has become the largest and most advanced land platform in Spain, exclusively for real estate developers & institutional investors.

  • 5.070 land plots in Spain's top metropolitan areas (87% directly from owners, 13% through brokers)

  • 98% visited, with availability, owner, & land data verified.

  • 12.120.000 developed m2 on sale.

  • Average plot size: 4.140 m2 of buildable area.

  • 300 registered real estate developers & institutional investors.

  • 400 land searches saved.

  • Database with 2.800+ companies & 5.000+ real estate professionals.

  • 1.013 buy mandates signed in the last year.

  • 210 offers or meetings manages in the last year.

  • 3.130 land valuations done in the last year.

  • 22 employees, most with a technical and/or urban planning background.

Request access to the largest exclusive land platform for real estate developers and institutional investors

Sueloespaña Online S.L., C/ Cinca 23 bajo 4, Madrid 28002, Spain. Tel.: (+34) 91 466 97 72. CIF: B84739515

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